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Anderson Adventist Primary boarding facilities offer learners outside of Gweru the opportunity to attend the school while providing a positive platform for development through the early childhood years within a secure and structured environment. The facility houses both boys and girls in their respective dorms.

 The administration and efficient running of a boarding inevitably depends on the close co-operation between the school, parents and boarding students.

Boarding services


The tender care for the learners at this age is key. The boarding facility has two deans, One for the boys and a Matron for the girls. The deans play the role of the parent in every regard during the stay of the learner at Anderson. The dean’s residence is housed within the dormitory to keep a closer monitoring of the learners. The parental role of grooming the spiritual, social, physical appearance and state is their main priority. The deans are qualified personnel with children at heart, their role to build character is the corner stone of the boarding facility, their aim is to groom a loving and a loveable Christian that will respect God and fellow mankind.

School Nurse

The girls’ matron acts in the office of the school nurse. She is a qualified practitioner in that regard with many years of service in health services. The health of learners is monitored and maintained. Specific health conditions are closely monitored and maintained as per requirement of the learner. In the event of ill health or minor injury of any learner, the school nurse will make the required assessment and prescribe the necessary medication. The common prescription drugs are available in the nurse’s office and will be administered accordingly. In the event of a health emergency the health care procedure will be administered and the parent will be notified See the link on health care for more information.

Dining Facility

Boarders all dine together at the main school Dining Hall for breakfast, break time snack lunch and dinner

House Keeping

Anderson Adventist values hygiene throughout the school premises. The standards of hygiene cannot be compromised. In as much as the learners are taught how to keep their rooms and environment clean and have clean up daily duties. The dorms have housekeepers that will ensure that dorms are clean and tidy.


We offer laundry services for all learners in the boarding facility. The laundry room is equipped with a washing machine and ironing equipment.  The learners bring their clothes as per the laundry schedule daily. The clothes will be washed by the laundry staff, ironed and delivered to the collecting area. The learners however are responsible for washing their personal clothes and garments e.g. inner garments, socks ..etc

Dormitory Facilities

Our dormitory facility is designed to house four learners per block. A block is made up of two separate rooms that share a toilet and shower. Each room houses a maximum of two learners. A room is furnished with two single beds (pillow and bed covers provided) and two fitted clothes cabinet.

Room allocation

Boarders are homed according to character and personality traits. Our trained and professional deans make an assessment of each child and strategically allocate a roommate with complimentary character and personality traits. The aim is to build a well molded character, developing a spiritual, social and physical responsible child.

Boarding Administration The rules, requirements and procedures pertaining boarding life is found in the student hand book available in the downloads section of the website.

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